Drain This!

Here we are on the second full day of the new Trump Administration and I’m writing like I’ve not done in years. I think I’m inspired to do this sort of thing when there is uncertainty in the air and when I want to express things that I might not normally say verbally out in public. I’m a pretty solid introvert by nature but I don’t mind expressing my views in appropriate circumstances.  So here are a few things that have happened in the last 48 hours in the Trump House.

The Release of Scientific Papers to the public banned by Trump Administration edict.

This is pretty scary though at this point I’m treating everything I read with a grain of salt. Scientific discovery is something I would consider to be one of the bedrock foundations of our country.  Through it, we have established the most advanced research facilities, care facilities, and healthcare systems in the world.  Through it, we have discovered important things from the far reaches of outer space to the depths of our oceans and everything in between.  This country has led the way for a century in scientific advancement. Since Trump and his ilk apparently base their lives on #alternativefacts, clearly they have an interest in preventing the public from knowing what our tax dollars fund in the scientific research arena.  So much for that cancer cure which nobody will know about now until after the drug companies are finished raping us.

LGBT Protections?  Fugittaboutit.

Just hours after Trump was sworn in as our 45th president, certain things began to disappear from the whitehouse.gov web site.  Among them, all mentions of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender advances made by the previous administration.  I’m not freaking out about this one yet because if I recall, the same sort of thing happened when Obama took office.  The web site was scrubbed and subsequently replaced a few weeks later with a revision.  That said, Trump has made no friends within my own community through his administration picks. Some of his chosen people are, by public record, some of the most virulent anti-gay forces in politics today.  These people would like nothing more than to wipe out anything and everything that was accomplished over the past 8 years under Obama, including marriage equality. Should this start to become apparent we are fortunate to have people who are actually competent on our side.


On Tuesday, surrounded by men with small dicks, Trump re-imposed the “global gag rule” which had been had been last in effect when Ronald Reagan was in office.  In short, this rule effectively cuts off all funding for any NGO around the world that provides abortion services even if those organizations provide abortions with their own funds.  While I’m not a fan of abortions (why would anyone be?), I am a strong supporter of women having the right to seek them out where they might be performed safely and with the interests of both the mother and potential child in mind.  This rule reeks of religion and misogyny, written by men who have absolutely no idea what it means to be a woman.  I can’t pretend I do either however I will say as a non-procreating man that the world is too overcrowded as it is.  If we are suddenly going to criminalize abortions, then can we at least make a rule to knock off a few of these politicians in office who want government hands out of EVERYTHING except this.  Maybe a 1 for 1?  I don’t believe in abortion as a form of birth control (education works far better) but for the love of god (who’s God doesn’t matter), there is no man alive who could possibly understand the vast number of reasons abortions should be legal and safe.  With this rule now in place, it’s only a matter of time before these folks usurp the rule of settled law in this country and start grabbing as much pussy as they can, after all, they won’t have to pay out the child support judging from the lack of morals seeping out of Washington.

The Arts are for Gaybies

With people now in power who have clearly never seen the benefits of any sort of Art’s education, threats have been made to de-fund the National Endowment for the Arts, The National Endowment for the Humanities and at least 15 other small beans federal agencies or programs in their attempt to “balance” the budget.  Entities such as CPB and the NEA are clearly corrupt because (gasp) they enjoy about 500,000,000 (2016) in funding from our Government in the form of grants.  That’s way too expensive they cry, as though the nearly 598,500,000,000.00 (53.71%) of government spending on our Military is somehow justifiable.  Yes, that’s 598.5 BILLION in 2015 out of the discretionary spending of the United States.  Priorities matter.  If things keep up like they have over the past 2 days, we’re going to need that Military money to keep the rest of the world from blowing us all sky high!  Let me give you some perspective dipshits:  Of the 17 programs or agencies on the cutting block, they cost each tax payer a WHOPPING total of $22.36 per year.  I’m quite sure that’s a good $10 less than the shitty 2-hour movie you just sat through at the iMax theater.

Donald Trump