King Fisher Chronicles is a public blog run by a single person with lots of opinions.  I’m glad that you’ve chosen to stop by and I’m even more impressed that you clicked on the “About” page to see what this thing is all about. Many years ago, I started writing in this format and I eventually got bored with it. Back then, WordPress was tedious, buggy, and while it had all kinds of options that other platforms did not, nothing flowed right.  I didn’t have much of a direction other than to just bitch about my rather boring life.  Now that the internets have matured a bit I’m giving it another shot. I don’t have a large following beyond various bots and trolls from Slovic countries but I do have a pretty solid grasp on reality and now that I’ve entered mid-life, I have a pretty large arsenal of stories that are worth publishing for the world to read.  Some are funny, some are informative, some are sad, and some are a combination of all three.

Intermixed within those stores will be my photos.  Over the past 10 years, I have really focused hard on refining my photography skills. Getting lost in the woods on a regular basis is something I would consider fun and I try to do it as often as possible.  I have a passion for water, beaches, and nature and I am lucky enough to be living in an area of Michigan where all of those things come together in one place.  I am a strong advocate of our National Park system and I spend a great deal of time exploring them.  As a result, I’ve amassed a collection of thousands of images over the years showcasing the beauty of Northern Michigan as well as many other wild areas in our country.  I don’t focus that much on animals, I’m not sure I’d be a qualified match for a bobcat.  For that matter, I’d really rather not run into an opossum either.  I’m more content to photograph the constantly changing dunes along Lake Michigan or the ever changing foliage through each of the 4 seasons.

If you are interested in just viewing my photography and not reading my writing, you can do so at any of the links below.  If you like my writing, let me know you’re reading by liking it or leaving a comment.  I’m hoping that 2017 will be a productive year for me.  I have a lot I want to accomplish.

A word first about utilizing my photography, linking to it, downloading it, and/or stealing it.  I protect all of my photography in quite a number of ways, some of which I won’t give away on this web site. Primarily, I use watermarks and various trackers embedded in the photos themselves.  I’m generally not a novice when it comes to finding out where my photography ends up and for the most part I’ve not had any problems in the 10+ years that I’ve been publishing it.  At the same time I want to share my work and I want you to enjoy it.  Therefore, I protect my images using the Creative Commons licensing scheme which you can read about here.  Federal Copyright systems are quite cumbersome and in our “sharing” economy, the CC system is far more suited to amateurs like me who want our work exposed but not ripped off.  I don’t make any money from this web site or any of my other web sites and I don’t utilize advertising to get more “hits”.  That is done on purpose so that readers and viewers can enjoy a clean, spam-free browsing experience.  I do utilize CC’s most restrictive license however and it means that you, the reader/viewer may feel free to download, view, and enjoy my photography but you may not sell it, use it for any commercial application or advertising purpose, or alter or manipulate the photo to make it appear as your own.  I do, on occasion, allow limited commercial exhibition of my photos and I am happy to discuss terms for that privately.  Send me an email if you have any questions.

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